Leather is the greatest ally thatll exist following the hand for artistic creation and the creativity of the man, the tanned, in its multiple qualities and variety, lends itself to generate and perform modeling works and reliefs that serve as support and basis for all kinds of leather crafts creation, where in fact the decoration the colors, the dyed and decks are revealed thus giving method to the creation of something designed and created in your brain of any person. How easy to move, allows you to creative handling the malleability of the leather, allowing you to cover together any shape and volume, so anything from furniture, utensils, artistic creations, such as for instance necklaces, bracelets, they become decorative elements, they can become with the leather contest, true works of art. Craftsmanship in leather highlights the creativity of individuals in the use of it, which could make true works of art making use of their hands. In antiquity, prehistoric man covered his body from the rigors of the cold with the skins of the animals hunted, is always to deduce, that with the passage of time he would find how tanning them and embellish them, since the individual seeks perfection and beauty in most his creation. This is let me tell you certainly one of handicrafts, most ancient and widespread, and in a solid way of survival. The Iliad of Homer, tells that in Paris were subject helmet with a chin strap of leather, beautifully worked, and that the shield of Ajax, was created with seven skins, toro, assembled and carved. Today craft, we work based on traditional techniques and the outcome of each piece are equally amazing. It is difficult to find them all in one go, but master craftsmen are always ready to provide their knowledge and teach new generations this art isnt lost. Every day there are many individuals who fall for the original techniques of treating leather, which give rein loose their creativity, working and mastering a so noble as skin art supplies. The skins used in the crafts are generally sheepskin, RAM or sheep, or goat skins. These leathers arent very thick, and are very malleable: suitable, therefore, for embossing and modeling tasks. Perfectly accept dyes, theyre the type that are. Normal will soon be use leather of sheep, which are more affordable and allow a myriad of work. Craftsmanship in leather is accountable for transforming and shaping each bit of agreement by developed by each artist in his creative mind, giving rein to beautiful works and beautifully decorated that only a human being can do.The strokes which can be printed are perfectly marked the soft surface of the moist leather. The matrix, that need to be hit with a hammer at the opposite end, with the power merely to be mark drawing, but without getting the skin to break are used to this type of decoration. Testing, before undertaking a certain matting, this is called ornamentation of the leather with matting.With a sponge wet with water the surface of the leather, all and in a uniform manner. About evenly wet leather, must place the reason why you want to go after. Then, we will be passing the liner Burin on the lines, always with the same pressure, this procedure is known as, traced from the drawing in leather.