uo;t typically a liar. But if they werenrsquo;t ready Daffodile Strass 160mm Black Platforms Pumpsto tell anyone yet, he could wait patiently. He wouldnrsquo;t be upset about a baby, so the couplersquo;Demi You Patent s secrecy was odd. The idea of a little niece or nephew felthellip;nice.New Very Prive;Is she feeling okay?rdquo; Steven asked. He needed to find out that much, at least. ;Like, is she all right?rdquo; ;Yeah. She just had an upset stomach earlier,rdquo; Holt muttered, still not looking at him. ;Shersquo;ll be fine.rdquo;In nine months. ;Good.rdquo; ;Wersquo;re going to be expected to dance soon. Did you bring Lauren?rdquo;Without really wanting to, Steven scanned the room for the familiar brunette. Lauren Brixton. His other best friend. She stood off to the side, chatting up some tall, blond man he vaguely recognized from accounting.Why the was she talking to that dude?He was a , and everyone knew it. ;Yeah.rdquo; Steven shifted hi