ushing me out oftheir way to get to their destination: Wms On Feet Adidas Vlneo Hoops Mid Wool Navy Pink White Sneakersthe stupid bar!Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!I replay our last moments over and over and the impact is Wms On Feet Adidas Vlneo Hoops Mid Wool Pink Red Sneakersstill the same. I still ache. And Im not sure if itll ever stop. ;I dont love you anymore Ava.rdquo;I stare speechless, Ive surely misunderstood him. However, judging by that cold look, I know I have heard him correctly. ;What do you mean? How can you just stop loving someone?rdquo; I reply after finally finding my voice. ;It happens all the time.rdquo; Thatrsquo;s it? Thatrsquo;s all he has to offer me. ;Yeah to other people but not to us.rdquo; This cannot be happening, Irsquo;msurely dreaming. How can he be so calm, while I am dying inside?He gives me a carefree shrug. After four years of dating hes going toend it with a simple shrug and a lame explanation. Hes go