Check With the Owner or Real estate broker of the PropertyIf you have purchased your home via a timeshare or other community that allows you to share your property with other individuals, you need to check with this company first.In many cases, there are restrictions on when you are allowed to sell or who you can work with in order to sell the property.If you are the direct owner of the property, you won’t have to worry about such restrictions.However, you should still be aware of the other homes in the neighborhood that are in the ‘for sale’ inventory where your home is located.Your real estate agent can advise you on how to effectively price your home so that it can compete against other homes in with comparable attributes in the area.Hire a Local Real Estate Broker for Real Estate TipsWorking with a local real estate agent offers you the best opportunity of selling the property. “Local agents may have more connections and stronger insight into that particular market.” says Lindsay Listanski of can be especially useful in a high-traffic tourist area, because potential real estate buyers will likely have several questions.