ce vehicles. I wince and rub the steering wheel, Womens Asteroid Spike Toe 160mm Nude Patent Leather Pumpspreparing Sam for the looks he will undoubtedly receive.;Oh for Christrsquo;s sake. See. I fucking told you we would Womens Asteroid Spike Toe Black 160mm Patent Leather Pumpsstand out like idiots. Do you realize wersquo;re sandwiched between a Mercedes and Lamborghini. A fucking Lamborghini.rdquo; Womens Asteroid Spike Toe 160mm Brown Patent Leather PumpsI swallow loudly. Joeyrsquo;s right. My delivery van which is adorned with swirls of cupcakes and icing splashes on both sides is completely out of place here. Irsquo;m fairly certain we will be the only non-luxury vehicle in the parking lot. My ringtone startles me and I quickly pull it out of my clutch, hitting the speaker phone button. ;Hey, Juls.rdquo; ;Are you here yet? Irsquo;m dying to introduce yo