The skin of the guyss face need as much care, as that of the females, though maless skin are thought to be tougher than the femaless facial skin. But the need of appropriate wetness need to not be disregarded even in case of males. However Baldwin has developed a successful solution to this problem, with their special Men Hydrating Lotion, which guarantees soft and healthy skin for guys.This brand-new product of Baldwin is specially created from the Dead Sea minerals, along with Argan Oil, African Shea Oil, extract from Centella leaves, Glycerin, Allantoin, Vitamin C and A. While the Dead Sea minerals and glycerin are most practical in keeping the skin naturally moisturized; the vitamins stop the development of damaging free radicals, therefore function as anti-aging aspects for keeping the skin in a more youthful type, without much wrinkles. African Shea oil also works as an anti-ageing factor on the skin cells, in addition to casting its hypoallergenic results over the skin. Centella Asiatica, derived from the extract of beneficial Centella leaves, Jojoba and Allantoin are highly reliable in recovery any cut or injury on the skin, which are triggered generally due to shaving.